In 1887 Mr. Ludvig Svensson started "Kinnamarks Mechanical Weaving" in Kinna.
The factory was modern with mechanical looms driven by steam.
One of Sweden´s first curtain factories had been borned.
2007 the brand "Kinnamark" was sold to DFT Textil AB, a company
owned by Tomi Sipilä and Fredrik Persson.

Kinnamark manages the Scandinavian textile tradition with a collection of graphic designs
and patterns inspired by nature. Patterns and colors ranging from calm, sophisticated
to stronger, more expressive. We create our collection in close collaboration with
several Scandinavian designers.

Our fabrics are manufactured in Europe, providing a high quality and
a accountability for our environment.The fabrics are certified by Oeko-Tex 100 or REACH, which means that the fabrics is free from harmful chemicals.

DFT Textil AB
Box 37
SE-511 21 Kinna

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