Cecilia Bertling

Cecilia Bertling is a multifaceted artist who takes off in the early 70th century opportunities. As a youth in the Flower Power movement she makes a longer trip in the United States among contemporary innovator and since then has characterized her artistry and storytelling.
She has among other things worked as a set designer, decorator. Taking the step to the textile environment and design patterns based on his paintings is close at hand and is a natural evolution of her art.
"It's all those bright colors that inspire my paintings, my desire to vacation and foreign places I take home with me to my cold north, and provokes my pictures on large screens while the snow falling outside my window"


Pattern FLORIDA is inspired by deprivation in foreign locations.
Exciting glances and giggles, tingling suspense. In the "jungle" you only have each other to watch out where to put their feet ... there are both snakes and alligators. 



Pattern LADY is inspired by how people likes to be seen. How we express ourselves.
Here I am and I like you to see me. Strong colors express life force - Gray is in the grave!



TOWN is a pattern inspired by Southern European-climbing cities, with its mazes and alleyways, hiding surprises around every corner. The city protects us and is growing organically with the people who live there.




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